Relocation Program Management

Oneida supports your relocation program with a comprehensive suite of managerial services and tools.

Account Management
You will have dedicate account manager, supported by an entire team, centrally located locally in our Michigan offices. Plus, our management team is readily available to provide program advice and support.

OSG use contemporary system to support your needs:

  • Seamless employee initiations
  • Real time employee/program reporting
  • Comprehensive expense tracking/management

A successful relocation program begins with a proven implementation that ensures a smooth transition for every aspect of the relocation program.

OSG manages the transition and implementation seamlessly with a constant focus on the needs of the transferee.

The OSG implementation team will consist of the actual team that will work on the your account.

  • Policy process review
  • Needs assessment
  • Process outline
  • Implementation
  • Approval process
  • Website detail
  • Billing evaluation
  • Provide reports
  • Discuss improvements
  • Performance review

Value Added Services
OSG provided a full suite of addition resources to help you make wise relocation policy decisions.
Example of our value added services include:

  • Pre-Decision Counseling
  • Policy Benchmarking
  • Policy Writing
  • Customized Reports
  • Cost Analysis Benefit (CAB)

Client Commitment
As your relocation program management company of choice, we take the role seriously and sincerely.

Our responsibility is to keep you up to date with trends and changes in the industry that affect mobility and talent acquisition. As with many companies, our core values provide a foundation for our service delivery model which supports a strong partnership and overall success!

Let us show you how working with Oneida Solutions Group can make a difference in your mobility program.

Steadfast Integrity – Consistent effort on all levels
Quality Performance – Understanding client needs
Respect – Supportive and fair environment
Exceptional Service – Above and beyond requirements
Corporate Success – A passion to be the best

Contact Oneida Solutions Group for an experienced and trusted relocation program management team.