Our Mission

Oneida Solutions Group is on a mission to deliver world-class, global, and all-encompassing relocation services, with a local presence, a personalized touch, and client-centric solutions.

Corporate Mission Statement and Diversity Initiative

Oneida Solutions Group along with our subsidiaries share the mission of providing clients with a partnership model for services that emphasizes competitive differentiation for our clients and performance integrity as demonstrated in total transparency of our financial and service delivery practices.

To realize this goal our service emphasis is on establishing long term relationships built on trust. This trust is earned through proven competency in acting as custodians of our clients’ moves, their relocation services spend and continuous improvement in our service offering through joint goal setting and accomplishment.

Our corporate values reflect our mission to work on a partnership level with our clients:

  • Integrity: in everything we do, say, and stand for
  • Customer focused: anticipating our customers’ needs and responding to rising expectations
  • Employee oriented: fair, inclusive, upbeat work environment
  • Performance driven: winning relative to the external market
  • Leadership: a passion to be the best

Diversity isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do for business. Diversity in our workplace enhances our company, stimulates innovation and creativity, and provides opportunities for our employees’ growth and advancement. It allows us to better serve our clients, local communities and the global marketplace in which we serve.

Diversity plays an important role in achieving growth, profitability and sustainability through aligning business strategies with current demographics.

Oneida Solutions Group values and promotes diversity as a strategic advantage. Diversity refers to human differences, including those based on culture, ethnicity, gender and age. Diversity is about our people. Each person brings many unique skills, experiences, and values to each business segment.

We place a great deal of emphasis on personal integrity and believe long-term results, from real accomplishments, are the only fair way to judge performance.